Welcome to TransLink's Open API

The TransLink Open API provides access to data associated with the regional bus network, bus service operations, and major road network allowing developers to build applications enriched with TransLink data. Interested individuals must register to obtain access.

This site is designed to get you signed-up and familiar enough with the API to be able to start building your own applications using TransLink's data:

Real-Time Transit Information
Real-Time Transit Information
Google GTFS-real-time
Google GTFS-real-time

For details on each API and the available data, select a service and review the API reference provided.

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Let us know what you think of our new GTFS-real-time data

We're happy to announce that we've released improvements to our GTFS data. The GTFS-real-time data now includes transit alerts. The new API is being released in beta, so we can get your feedback.

If you require assistance, have questions, or would like to report an error

We are not able to provide coding assistance or technical guidance for your individual project. However, if you have a question or an error to report, we will be actively monitoring and contributing to a discussion group dedicated to the TransLink Open API service.