Trip Planner Widget

Help your customers, readers or fellow employees get around on transit by adding the TransLink Trip Planner Widget to your website, blog or company intranet!

Whether you need to plan a trip, find out when your next bus is scheduled to arrive or view one of our system maps, the widget links to the same information found on the TransLink website, which means accurate and up-to-date schedules anywhere.

There are 2 versions of the Trip Planner Widget:

Regular Trip Planner.aspx

Embed using this code:

Narrow Trip Planner Narrow.aspx

Embed using this code:

*The Trip Planner Widget was written using JavaScript and is embedded into 3rd party websites using an iframe tag.

Linking to a pre-populated Trip Planner page
Our current Trip Planner Widget isn’t set up to offer a pre-populated destination field, but we’re working on it, so stay tuned!

If that’s something your site is keen on having though, we do have a URL that allows you to link to a pre-populated (Step 1) Trip Planner page, but it’s not as snazzy as our widget.

Just replace everything after "&End=" with the name or address of your desired destination.