RTDS Open API - Overview

The Regional Traffic Data System (RTDS) Open API provides services that allow the users to view and query regional traffic flow information. The system generates two types of data:

  1. Real-time traffic data in the form of speed profiles; and
  2. Travel time by corridor and roadway segment

The coverage of the RTDS includes provincial highways, the Major Road Network (MRN) and select arterial roads within the Metro Vancouver boundary as well as Highway-1 to Chilliwack and Highway-99 to Whistler.

The API is REST (Representational State Transfer) and is read only (i.e. http get calls).

The API requires a unique API key to request data. The API key (apikey) is a mandatory parameter that is required in every request. Failure to provide a valid or active API key will result in a 403 HTTP response.

The API will be restricted, by IP, to a reasonable amount of requests per day. An average map overlay performs 20-30 requests/second during a high level zoom. Throttling will occur with a 403 if you exceed this threshold. Please note that real time data is only refreshed every 2.5 minutes.